My main teaching responsibilities encompass upper division Physical Chemistry courses (Pchem I or CHEM451, Pchem II or CHEM452 and Pchem III or CHEM462), General Chemistry labs, and Chemistry courses for non-science majors.

Physical Chemistry is the study of the basic principles that govern the behavior of matter. It tries to understand the properties and transformations of matter (one substance to another), at the molecular levels, in terms of energies and particles such as molecules, atoms and electrons.

Two approaches are possible in physical chemistry: Macroscopic and Microscopic. On the macroscopic scale, properties such as volume, temperature, and pressure are measured (i.e. thermodynamics). In order to understand the macroscopic behavior of matter, one needs to investigate and understand the very basic constituents of matter, the fundamental particles, such as molecules, atom and electrons (microscopic approach).

The three principle subject areas of physical chemistry are: Thermodynamics: chemical equilibrium, and energy changes, Quantum chemistry: bonding at the molecular level, and Chemical kinetics: rates and mechanisms of chemical processes approaching equilibria.


  • Physical Chemistry I – LEC – CHEM 451

  • Physical Chemistry I – LAB – CHEM451

  • Physical Chemistry I – REC – CHEM451

  • Physical Chemistry II – LEC – CHEM 452

  • Physical Chemistry II – LAB – CHEM452

  • Physical Chemistry II – REC – CHEM452

  • Chem Spect & Reaction Dynamics – PCHEM III – LEC – CHEM462

  • General Chemistry I – LAB – CHEM105

  • General Chemistry II – LAB – CHEM106

  • Chemistry Topics – CHEM408

  • Seminar in Chemistry – CHEM409

  • Research Problems – CHEM497

  • Chemistry Lecture – CHEM100 (Introductory Chemistry Course for the Non-Majors)

  • Chemistry and Human Health– CHEM101 (100% Online Non-Major Chemistry Course) – LEC & LAB

  • Matter and Energy – CHEM125 (Physical Science Course for Early Childhood and Childhood Education Majors)

Dr. Bou-Abdallah in the General Chemistry lab

Dr. Bou-Abdallah giving a lecture