Research Equipment

Available in Dr. Bou-Abdallah's Lab

Thermochemical Equipment

  • Calorimetry Sciences Corporation (CSC) Model 4200, Isothermal Titration Calorimeter.

  • Low Volume (175 uL) NanoITC from TA Instruments.

  • Small Volume (750 uL) NanoDSC from TA Instruments.

Spectrophotometry – Rapid Kinetics – and Spectrofluorimetery Equipment

  • Bio Cary 50 and Cary 60 UV-Vis Spectrophotometers, with QNW Peltier temperature control accessory (Agilent Technologies)

  • HI-TECH SFA-20 Stopped-flow accessory with J&M rapid diode array spectrophotometer for monitoring rapid reactions by UV-visible spectroscopy.

  • Two Cary Eclipse Spectrofluorometers (Agilent Technologies)

  • Varioskan LUX Multimode Microplate Reader (Thermo Scientific)

Capillary Electrophoresis System

  • (CE 7100) from Agilent Technologies

Chromatography Equipment:

  • ÄKTA go protein purification system (Cytiva)

Biochemical Equipment

  • MaxQ™ HP Incubated Tabletop Orbital Shaker

  • Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ Legend™ X1 Centrifuge Series

  • Fisherbrand Model 120 Sonic Dismembrator/sonicator and Sound Enclosure

  • Capillary Electrophoresis apparatus

  • Biorad- PAGE running apparatus

  • Azure 280 Western Blot equipment (Azure Biosystems)

  • Fisherbrand IsoTemp Digital Dry Bath

  • Fisherbrand IsoTemp General Purpose Deluxe Water Bath, Capacity (5 L)


  • EPU354 Dissolved Oxygen isoPod™ with USB, OM-4 Oxygen meter, and pH-stat apparatus equipped with custom-made special design microcells and microelectrodes for both aerobic and anaerobic measurements.

  • Update Instruments System 1000 Rapid-freeze Quench apparatus for the analysis of rapid reactions

  • Standard refrigerator with a freezer and a large Liquid Nitrogen Dewar for protein storage.

  • Two 4 °C and -20 °C refrigerators and freezers

  • Two High Precision Analytical Balances