Lab Members

The majority of research in Dr. Bou-Abdallah’s lab is performed by undergraduate students.

Dr. Ayush Srivastava joined the lab in 2020 as postdoc, supported by a recent NSF grant award.

Dr. Mohamed Boumaiza joined the lab in April of 2023 as postdoc, supported by a recent NSF grant award.

Research Group (2023-present)

Left to right: Ayush Srivastava (Postdoc), Aliaksandra (Sasha) Reutovich (Postbac, Double Major: B.S. Biochemistry, Biology), Dr. Fadi Bou-Abdallah, Maximilian Beyer (undergrad, B.S. Chemistry), Colby Hladun (undergrad, B.S. Chemistry), Farida Ibrahim (undergrad, B.S. Biology)

Dr. Ayush K. Srivastava (Postdoc, 2020-present)

Dr. Srivastava received his Ph.D. in Molecular and Transitional Biotechnology from the University of Brescia, Italy. Prior to his Ph.D., he had 4 years of Industrial experience in Biosimilar and Bio-therapeutics research in India.

Recent Awards: 

Best Graduate Poster Presentation at the Northern New York Local Section of ACS, 11th Annual Research Symposium (2nd place)

Excellence in Research Award (SUNY Potsdam, 2023)

Dr. Mohamed Boumaiza (Postdoc, 2023-present)

Dr. Mohamed Boumaiza received his Ph.D. in Bioengineering from the University of Carthage in Tunisia in 2016.  He was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Naples Federico II, Italy, and most recently at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.

Gideon L. Smith (Undergraduate)

Major: B.S. in Chemistry, Minor: Biology and Wilderness Education

Expected graduation date: May 2023

Future plans: A PhD degree in Chemistry/Biochemistry, and possibly pharmacology or other health sciences.

Recent Awards:

Chemistry Department Scholar Award (2020)

Chemistry Departmental Service Award (2021)

American Chemical Society Award (2021)

Undergraduate Physical Chemistry Award (2021)

Aliaksandra (Sasha) Reutovich (Graduate Research Assistant)

Major: Double major in Biochemistry and Biology

Expected graduation date: May 2022 

Future plans: Apply to M.D/PhD programs to pursue a career as a physician scientist to treat genetic diseases.

Recent Awards:

American Chemical Society Award, April 2020 

Dr. Alexander & Genevieve Major Science Scholarship Award, March 2021

Barry Goldwater Scholarship Award, March 2021

Biology Departmental Scholar Award, May 2021

Winner of the SUNY Potsdam Provost’s Award for Excellence in Student Research (2021)

Outstanding Research Award (SUNY Potsdam, 2023)

Nathan J. Hunter (Graduate Research Assistant/Technician)

Major: Biology (graduated in May 2021)

Future plans:  A career in virology or immunology research

Recent Awards: 

President’s List

Lucas J. Scalcione (Undergraduate)

Major: B.S. in Biology, Minor: Chemistry

Expected graduation date: May 2025

Future plans: Applying for medical school to obtain an MD or DO degree and specialize in the field of ophthalmology.

Recent Awards:

Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award (2022)

Northern New York ACS Research Symposium Poster Presentation: 1st place (2022)

SUNY Potsdam Learning and Research Fair: 2nd place (2022)

Kilmer Grant Award Winner (2021, 2022)

Maximilian K. Beyer (Undergraduate)

Major: B.S. in Chemistry

Future plans: PhD Degree in Chemistry

Recent Awards:

Kilmer Grant (Summer 2022)

Colby R. Hladun (Undergraduate)

Major: B.S in Chemistry

Expected Graduation Date: May 2022

Future Plans: Applying for a PhD in chemistry and pursuing a career in chemistry research. 

Recent Awards: 

SUNY Potsdam Chemistry Departmental Scholar (2022) 

Alexander G. Major Award (2022)

Farida Ibrahim  (Undergraduate)

Major: B.S. in Biology (Minor in Chemistry)

Expected Graduation Date: May 2024

Future Plans: Masters in Biomedical Sciences + MD route 

Recent Awards:

Dean's list

Rebekah Tardif (Undergraduate)

Major: BA in Chemistry, Minor in Biology

Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2024

Future Plans: Ph.D. in Environmental Chemistry or Chemical Biology


Recent Awards: 

American Chemical Society Award (2023)

Chemistry Departmental Service Award (2023)

Undergraduate Research Students (Alumni and Current) that I have Mentored and Supervised 

(The information below is accurate to the best of my knowledge; years in parenthesis are times the students spent in my lab)

- Hiba Iqteit (2007-2008) - Master of Education in the Health Professions; John Hopkins

- Gustavo Gonzales (2007-2008) - MD degree (Saint James School of Medicine)

- Adeola Awomolo (2007-2010) - MD degree in Pediatrics (SUNY Upstate) (awarded); (Recipient of the SUNY Chancellor Award for Student Excellence, 2010)

- Banu Kandemir (2007-2010) - PhD in Biophysical Chemistry; Univ of Rochester

- Huidong Yang (2008-2010) - PhD in Neuroscience; Univ of Michigan

- Justin McNally (2008-2012) - PhD in Biochemistry; Univ of Michigan

- Brenna Cooper (2008-2012) - Nursing Degree; SUNY Plattsburgh

- Tyson Terpstra (2009-2012) - PhD in Biophysical Chemistry; Univ of Buffalo

- Rudy Conrad (2011-2012) - High School Chemistry Teacher

- Mariama Diallo (2011-2012) - PhD in Chemistry

- Sean Atkinson (2010-2012) - PhD in Biochemistry

- Deneen Cole (2011- 2012) - PhD in Biochemistry; Univ of Washington

- Matthew Mehlenbacher (2011-2014) - PhD in Chemistry; Dartmouth College

- Jennifer Ebert (2013-2014) - PhD in Chemistry; Univ of Rochester

- Sam Sprague (2013-2015) - Masters in Chemistry

- Abigail Widrick (2013-2015) - Masters in Chemistry

- Thomas Giffune (2013-2016) - (Recipient of the SUNY Chancellor Award for Student Excellence, 2016)

- Britannia Smith (2013-2017) - PhD in Biomedical Sciences; SUNY Upstate

- Lara Varden (2015-2017) - PhD in Interdisciplinary Biosciences and Biotechnology; Clarkson Univ.; (Recipient of the NSF Graduate Fellowship Award, 2019)

- Spurgeon Smith (2015-2016) - Chemist at Clean Harbor, Albany, NY

- Daniel Coelho (2016-2017) - Biotech Production Specialist, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, NY

- Alaa Farghli (2016-2017) - PhD in Biochemistry; Cornell Univ.

- Lindsay Johnson (2016-2017) -Biotech Production Specialist, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, NY; Lindsay received a Masters in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of Florida in 2020, and will soon be enrolled in a PhD program at Dartmouth-Hitchcock (Recipient of the SUNY Chancellor Award for Student Excellence, 2017).

- Kedwin Ventura (2016-2017) - Working towards an MD degree

- Dana Reid (2016-2017) - The Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, VCOM/Virginia; (Recipient of the SUNY Chancellor Award for Student Excellence, 2017)

- John Paliakkara (2016-2019) - SUNY Upstate Medical School; (Recipient of the SUNY Chancellor Award for Student Excellence, 2019)

- Nicholas Flint (2016-2019) - PhD in Chemistry; Colorado State Univ

- Aiden Farragher-Gnadt (2017-2018) - PhD in Chemistry; Univ of Rochester

- Gabriella Holevinski (2017-2018)

- Michael Igbanugo (2017-2018) - Stony Brook U, Bio lab instructor; PhD in Chemistry

- Gideon Smith (2017-2022) - PhD in Chemistry; Cornell University

- Aliaksandra A Reutovich (2017-2023) - PhD in Biomedical Sciences; University of South Florida

- Aisha Laguda (2018-2019)

- Heidi Kreckel (2018-2019) - PhD in Biochemistry; Colorado State Univ

- Aaron Charlack (2020-2021) - PhD in Chemistry; Univ of Pittsburgh

- Cass Welsh (2020-2021) - Physician Assistant Program

- Ruth Reichard (2020-2022) - Nursing Program

- Colby Hladun (2021-2023) - PhD in Chemistry; Clarkson University

- Lucas J. Scalcione (2021-2022)

- Maximilian Beyer (2021-present)

- Farida Ibrahim (2022-present)

- Rebekah Tardif (2023-present)

Visiting PhD Scholars/Postdocs

- Elise Abi-Khalil (Visiting PhD Student from France): Elise visited my lab in 2014-2015 for training and a year later received her PhD in Chemistry in Paris, France.

- Dr. Ayush Srivastava (Visiting PhD Student from Italy): Ayush visited my lab for 7 months of training (Nov 2018 – May 2019); He returned to Italy later that year and received his PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Ayush is currently a postdoc in my lab (2020-present).